RV Carport Kits For Sale

RV Carport Kits

If you need some basic shelter for your recreational vehicle, then you are in need of an RV carport cover.

It is fast and easy to build an RV carport using a metal RV carport kit. This post will go over everything you need to know about these kits, as well as some recommended products.

What is an RV Carport?

First things first; let’s make sure we are on the same page about what an RV carport is.

An RV carport is a specific type of structure designed to shelter an RV. It has a roof, and may or may not have sides. The front and the back are usually open so the RV can easily drive right through.

It is worth noting there are a few other types of structures that are also used to shelter RVs. Examples include attached and detached garages as well as Quonset garages.

Why You Should Choose Metal for Your RV Carport Cover?

Here are a few reasons it is ideal to build an RV carport out of metal:

  • Quick and easy: One of the best things about metal RV carports is that they are extremely fast and easy to set up. They arrive largely prefabricated, so the final construction work required is very limited. It should only take a few people working together to set up most metal RV carports.
  • Customizable: When you order a metal RV carport, you will have the opportunity to personalize it. Along with selecting a size, you can choose whether to get one with side walls, or a fully enclosed structure with walls on all four sides. No walls is another option. You can get one with regular doors, garage doors, and/or windows. You also can choose from multiple roof styles, decide what gauge of metal to use, and opt for features such as anchoring, J-trim and hat channels.
  • Affordable: You will be surprised by how cost-effective it is to build your own RV carport metal structure. In fact, even if you end up spending near the upper end of the price range, you will probably find that your investment pays for itself relatively quickly. Protecting your RV with a metal carport cover prevents a lot of damage to the paint from sun and hail, not to mention leaks from rain and snow. And if you have owned an RV for much time at all, you already know just how rapidly the costs of paint damage and leaks can add up. A little protection goes a long ways!
  • Durable: Metal is a durable material from which to build a carport for a recreational vehicle.
  • Fireproof: Unlike a wood structure, a metal carport cannot catch fire. That means it is less likely that fire will transfer through the structure to your vehicle.
  • Pest-proof: Metal does not attract pests, unlike wood. In fact, if you build a fully enclosed metal carport, it may help to keep pests away from your RV altogether. The same might not always be said for a wood carport. This, too, is a big deal for an RV owner. Once again, if you have owned an RV for any amount of time, you already are well aware of what a problem pests can be, particular mice, rats, and other small rodents, which can be surprisingly tenacious attempting to gain entry. If your carport can prevent them from doing damage to your RV and its contents, it is a worthy investment.
  • Weather-resistant: Metal is one of the best materials you can choose to stand up to harsh weather conditions. It can endure rain, sleet, hail, snow and harsh winds. It can even handle a lightning strike without bursting into flame. A wood structure could be damaged or even destroyed by strong enough weather conditions. Speaking of environmental conditions, a metal structure may also be strong enough to keep standing if there is an earthquake.
  • Easy to maintain: If you do not want to spend a ton of time maintaining your RV carport, then going with a metal carport kit makes a lot of sense. Because it is hard to damage, repairs are seldom needed. And trust us—you are going to appreciate freeing up your time, because you probably are going to need it to maintain and repair your RV (though additional good news is that just putting your RV under a carport will reduce the yearly maintenance your vehicle requires).
  • Long-lasting: Finally, your investment in a metal RV carport is one that will pay off over the long term. Your carport should be in great condition decades from now, even if you are not putting a lot of work into maintaining it. That means you will not need to pay for major repairs or a replacement. You might even eventually end up repurposing the structure or passing it on to another RV user, depending on where your life takes you.  

What Size Metal Carport Do You Need for an RV?

Choosing the right size of metal carport for an RV starts by measuring your RV. Here are typical sizes for different RV classes:

  • Class A motorhome: 10 feet high, 33 feet long.
  • Class C motorhome: 10 feet high, 28 feet long.
  • Class B motorhome (campervan): 8 feet high, 16-21 feet long.

Those are just examples; some motorhomes in each category may be larger or smaller than the measurements listed here. So, it is vital to get the correct measurements for your own vehicle, rather than relying on averages or assumptions.

If you are trying to shelter a class B motorhome, aim for about 12 feet of clearance height. If you are trying to shelter a class A or class C motorhome, go with around 14 feet of clearance height.

Do not forget that you probably are going to want to store some supplies with your motorhome!

Figure out how much extra room you might want around your vehicle, and account for that when you decide what size carport to get.

How Much Does an RV Carport Cost?

The cost range for RV carports starts at around $6,000 for smaller vehicles (i.e. carports for campers). The longer your vehicle, the more expensive the carport will be. At the upper end, they tend to run around $12,000.

Since RV carports tend to be relatively open structures, you will not see as much cost variation involving features (i.e. doors or windows)—though you still might encounter some. How many walls you want (or if you want walls at all) will impact the price too.

You may also need to put in a foundation for your structure, so that will add to the cost as well.

If you have not yet checked the building codes and zoning requirements for your land, make sure you do that before you get too far with your RV carport plans. That way, you can be assured that you are choosing a metal carport kit that will be up to code for your city and county.

What to Expect When You Order a Metal Carport Kit

What happens when you order an RV carport kit? As we mentioned already, one of the appeals of metal RV carport covers is the ease and efficiency with which you can set one up.

The kit that arrives at your site will include the prefabricated metal components you need to assemble. In most cases, you should only require basic construction knowledge and equipment to set up your carport. This task will be easiest to accomplish if you have a few people to help you.

Build Your Own Metal RV Carport Now

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