RV Garage Door Sizes 101

How To Choose The Right Size RV Garage Door

Do you have an RV you need to park and protect? If so, you might be considering putting an RV garage on your property. One of the things you will need to figure out is how large the door needs to be.

In this guide, we will provide you with some basic recommendations for RV garage door sizes. But first, here are some reasons to consider going ahead with your project to build an RV garage on your property.

Why Build a Garage for Your RV?

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  • Protect your RV from precipitation, mold, and leaks. If you leave your RV exposed to the elements, problems can quickly compound. Rainwater collecting on your roof can result in mold growing. Cracks can form. More mold can end up growing under your roof, and rot can set in. In fact, leaks are so commonplace with RVs as to be virtually ubiquitous. Whatever you can do to prevent them or stop them from getting worse is worthwhile. Keeping your RV in a garage can go a long way toward preventing damage.
  • Keep the sun from damaging your paint. It isn’t just precipitation that can damage your RV, but sunlight as well. The sun can cause paint to fade, and when this happens unevenly, it can look really bad, making it harder to get parks to accept you in the future.
  • Secure your RV and your belongings. A locked garage door will keep anyone from compromising the security of your RV or the belongings you store inside it.
  • Have a workspace if you need it. You may find it easier to do work on your RV in a garage. You can perform maintenance come rain or shine, and clean up easily afterwards.
  • Boost your property value. There can be a significant jump in the value of your property if you build a garage on it. If you think you might sell your property later down the line, that could pay off.
  • Stop paying for storage elsewhere. While storage fees for RVs are often quite reasonable, there is no denying that they can add up over time. You could end up saving a lot of money if you build your own garage. You might be surprised by just how quickly this investment can pay for itself.

Common RV Garage Door Sizes

So, how big does your RV garage door need to be? Generally speaking, 12’ to 14’ wide is sufficient for most recreational vehicles, and 12’ to 16’ tall.

Here are some common garage door heights based on the type of vehicle you are storing along with recommendations for the minimum size for the garage itself.

Class A, B, and C motorhomes

  • Class A: For a motorhome measuring between 34’ to 44’ in length with a height of 13’, a 16’ x 50’ x 16’ garage with a 14’ sectional door is appropriate.
  • Super C: For a motorhome that is 34’ to 36’ long with a 12’ height, consider a garage that measures 24’ x 48’ x 16’, and which features a 14’ sectional door.
  • Class C: For a motorhome that measures 24’ to 32’ long and is 11’ tall, consider a garage measuring 26’ x 36’ x 14’, with a 12’ sectional door.
  • Class B+: If your motorhome measures 19’ to 24’ in length and is 11’ tall, a garage measuring 10’ x 25’ x 14’ may be appropriate with a 12’ door.
  • Class B: For a motorhome in this class that measures 19’ to 23’ in length and 10’ in height, a garage that measures 20’ x 24’ x 14’ with a 12’ door may be suitable.

Campers and Travel Trailers

  • 5th Wheel: If you have a trailer that measures 30’ to 35’ in length and 12’ in height, a garage that measures 24’ x 40’ x 16’ with a 14’ door should suffice.
  • Travel Trailer: For a trailer that measures 25’ to 30’ in length and 11’ tall, think about a garage that has dimensions of 30’ x 40’ x 14’ with a 12’ door.
  • Pop-Up Camper: If you have a camper that measures 20’ to 23’ in length with a 10’ height, your garage can be 24’ x 24’ x 12’ with a 10’ door.
  • Light Trailer: For a trailer with a length of 18’ to 20’ and a height of 10’, a garage with dimensions of 20’ x 20’ x 12’ with a 10’ door should work.
  • Truck Trailer: If you need to park a truck trailer in a garage with a length of 16’ to 21’ and a height of 12’, a garage with dimensions of 24’ x 30’ x 16’ and a 14’ door should be adequate.

How Can You Get Started Building Your RV Garage?

Now that you are familiar with RV garage door sizes, you might be interested in taking the next steps.

Erecting a garage for your motorhome or travel trailer is easier and less expensive than you might realize. In fact, you may be able to do it yourself with a RV metal building kit—or you can order a prefab kit to be delivered to your location, and then you can contract out the work to a local builder.

We can help you get a free no-obligation estimate from contractors in your state with this quick form.

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